InTech Introduction

Congratulations 1999-2000 InTech Recipients!

Congratulations to this year's InTech 2000 recipients.  As you know, InTech is a year-long competitive grant program that is designed to tie the development and integration of engaged learning projects for students to the distribution of high-end technology equipment and training.  For a full description of the program and its specifications, please read the InTech Request for Proposals which is available in HTML or MS Word format.

 Each of the 18 participants in this year's InTech received one of the 3 technology packages.  During the summer sessions, we will be spending 18 hours learning how to use a variety of the new technologies.  Throughout the year, we will meet 6 more times on a monthly basis to provide you with time to work on your projects while incorporating the grant specifications.  All of these sessions are required for the grant and are paid according to your attendance.  During the year, Chris Kruzic and Jim Peterson will also be available during the day for any one-on-one assistance should you need them.  To schedule a time, please email Chris or Jim, or call 828.7115.  A voluntary winter session has also been added for on a Saturday in January for those who would like additional assistance or explore new technologies.

Throughout the year, we will be bringing in a variety of resources, including experts on a variety of software packages and equipment that we will be attempting to push the limits.  Should you find you would like to explore additional areas, technologies, or resources,  please contact Chris or Jim and they will put together the appropriate resources and invite others to participate.

Before we get started with the program, we will discuss what is meant by  the following core concepts and the mindset of what is needed when participating in this program throughout the year:  


 Introduction to Your Guides

Jim Peterson, Director of Technology

Chris Kruzic, Integration Technician

Bear with us ..... There's a point to all of this...

Jim Peterson

Chris Kruzic


Onto the summer training...