InTech After-School Training Schedules

Below are the scheduled dates for the After-School Training sessions as part of the InTech program.  If you are unable to attend, please contact or call Carol at 828.7115.

September 14, 4-6 PM Project Work / Q&A  
October 12, 4-6 PM Project Work / Q&A  
November 9, 4-6 PM Project Work / Q&A  
January 11, 4-6 PM Rescheduled to April 26 BOE Meeting  
February 8, 4-6 PM Technical Q&A

Non-Technical Components of InTech Grant

External Evaluation Outline

Video Capture

Engaged Learning Template (Word Format)

Illinois Learning Standards

School Improvement Plans


March 14, 4-6 PM Assessment  
April BOE Technology Open House InTech 2000 Projects