District 87 Technology

Open House

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM, April 26, 2000

@ Bloomington High School


District 87 Technology will host an Open House to provide an opportunity for the community, parents, students and staff to view  the progress of the District 87 Technology Plan in the following areas:

Although District 87 views technology as a tool to be integrated in the every classroom,  two district initiatives will be showcased - InTech and the Computer Clubhouses.  These programs were developed to accelerate student and staff use of technology throughout the district.

During this evening, the District 87 Board of Education will also be holding their regular meeting in room 45 of BHS.  After their meeting, a short overview of the technology plan will be shared, and board members will be able to view the technologies implemented in the Computer Clubhouse and InTech programs as they visit the various rooms where they are hosted.

A number of guests from the community will also be present.  These community members have been instrumental in helping District 87 move the technology plan forward.  We thank them for their involvement.