InTech and Computer Clubhouse

External Evaluation Plans



For those of you who have agreed to take part in the external evaluation project with students in the CTER 3980L course at the University of Illinois, you will be compensated with the software of your choice not to exceed $100.  Below is the outline for the summative evaluation:


The CTER 398OL students will assume the role of evaluators of the District

87 InTech and Computer  Clubhouse programs.  The summative evaluation will

take place between February 21 - March 19.  Each InTech and Computer

Clubhouse Teacher will be compensated from District 87 for 3 hours of

contact.  As such, each teacher is required to give a minimum of two 20

minute phone interviews as well as at least 5 email exchanges.  While it is

anticipated that many of the teachers will volunteer more time each team

will have to expect to only have limited access to each of the InTech

teachers and must make the most of each exchange.  The District Staff that

supports and guides these teachers will be available for greater

interaction.  Communication with the teachers will consist of email and

phone conversations as well as any other methods agreed upon by both

teachers and evaluators.  Any contact with non-InTech /Clubhouse staff and

teachers must be approved by Brian P. and Jim Peterson.  Consent forms must

be signed by any non-InTech /Clubhouse staff and teachers.


On February 15, each team will be given a list of teachers / staff they can

contact as well as on-line resources needed to gain an understanding of

each program.  Each team will use the week of February 21 to develop a

evaluation plan and submit it for approval by Brian P. and Jim

Peterson.  Following the approval, each team will be expected to schedule

and attend all contact with participating Intech/computer clubhouse staff.

By March 19, each CTER Team will have created a final report and

presentation on their findings.  This information will then be given to Jim

Peterson for determination of future funding in District 87.  Each final

report is expected to answer the specific evaluation questions with support

from the evaluation of the teacher and staff comments, team productions and

other artifacts.  The report will also give suggestions on future changes

to the two programs.



District 87 InTech Evaluation



      Team 1 will evaluate the extent to which each InTech teaching team:

            1) Achieved their goals as stated in their InTech proposal 

            2) Acquired and applied new skills relating to technology

            3) Achieved new objectives related to technology not stated in proposal


      Team 2 will evaluate the effectiveness of the training and support with

respect to how:

            1) Summer training prepared teachers achieve proposed goals

            2) One-on-one and follow-up training sessions helped sustain progress

            3) Empowered InTech teachers to give aid and support to non-InTech teachers


      Team 3 will evaluate the extent to which each InTech teaching Team:

            1) Achieved proposed engaged learning goals and criteria

            2) Achieved proposed Illinois learning standards

            3) Redesigned goals and standards based on knowledge learned in InTech



      Team 4 will evaluate the extent to which each InTech teaching team

training and projects:

            1) Benefit students

            2) Benefit InTech teachers

            3) Benefit non-InTech teachers


      Team 5 will evaluate the InTech proposal process by examining:

            1) The extent to which the selection of "trail blazers" aids non-InTech


            2) The extent to which each member of the InTech teams participated

            3) The extent to which selected teams met their proposed objectives



District 87 Computer Clubhouse Evaluation


      Team 6 will evaluate the following aspects of the computer clubhouse:

            1) Benefits to Students

            2) Carryover of tech and training into traditional classroom practice

            3) The effectiveness of the support and training for each sponsor